Buying a Home & Having a Mortgage?

What's more important than getting a new home?

Getting a mortgage is an important step in buying one of your most valuable assets - your home. It also means a long-term financial commitment to paying down that debt.

But consider the following questions 

  • Where would you or your family get the money to make the mortgage payments, if your income suddenly stopped, due to death or a serious illness?
  • Would you be willing to risk the loss of your home or leave the burden of your mortgage to your family?

Protect your family - and your home - buy an affordable and guaranteed bundled mortgage / life insurance from a well known insurance company.

As life unfolds, they'll be glad you did.

  • Life and Critical Illness Insurance bundled in one policy
  • Guaranteed premiums
  • Coverage that's fully portable - stays in place even when you change homes or mortgage lenders
  • A payment that's not dependent on your ability to work
  • Expert guidance - Critical Care Assist benefit from the Best Doctors† and helping hands services from Shepell•fgi™ available at no extra cost

The insurance coverage ensures that you survive the disruption to your finances.

Call for no obligation consultation and secure your family & your finances.

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